Fall is officially here, winter is approaching quickly, and with daylight diminishing by the hour, what is your game plan this HOLIDAY SEASON? Without a sound nutrition plan or maintaining an active lifestyle Americans put on average 10lbs from September until January 1st, just in time to make their New Year’s resolutions. Considering this alarming fact, 10lbs is just enough weight for your pants to fit uncomfortably and close friends and family to start noticing the physical appearance changes. It’s time to take a stand that will change your life forever!

            The Holidays are a great time to spend with friends and family, a time of thankfulness, a time of sharing, and time of spending, but it doesn’t have to be a time of regret and shame. As a business owner in the Health and Fitness industry January is a great time, but it is my job to help those in need. If I can help someone change their life before the New Year then I have done my job. Team Irving Fitness prides itself on being able to transform individual’s consciousness to reclaim their health and fitness.  With these FOUR SIMPLE TIPS, Team Irving Fitness will help you stop this vicious cycle and conquer the bulge this holiday season.

 1.You must learn to say THANKS, BUT NO THANKS

Along your fitness journey there will be many saboteurs whom you will come in contact. They may say something like this, “You look fine, why are you DIETING!”  “Stop being silly, you can have a little more (cake, bread, pie, etc)…” While on your path of empowerment, people will always try to test your commitment. You must to learn to SAY NO! These people aren’t walking in your body, aren’t wearing your clothing, and are not at your doctor’s visits.  Not only will these individuals pressure you and entice you, but they will also make you feel like you have the problem. This is only because of their own insecurities and body image issues. Take this platform to encourage and educate those within your circle to take back their wellbeing and fitness. You must always remember your vision which will keep you steadfast in reaching your goals.

2.You must learn PORTION CONTROL

Since the 60’s Americans portion size has continue to grow steadily leading to the perpetual growth of our waist size. Not only have our portion size increased, but this has led to the alteration of our clothing industry and food industries. BIGGER IS NOT BETTER! Portion size has also conversely led to influx of preventable illnesses such as Type II Diabetes and Childhood Obesity. You would be amazed with the correlation between normal portion sizes to our waist ranges. The statistical data is alarming, but can be change systemically. Team Irving Fitness has nutritional classes to educate our community on how to eat effectively not abundantly.

At every meal you should be consuming one fist size portion of protein, one cup of two vegetables, and a single serving of a whole grain, high fiber starch. Using a normal size dinner plate you should also be able to still view the plate after it has been dressed.  You must always remember seconds are only acceptable for tomorrow not today. You should only be consuming what you need to sustain an active lifestyle and nothing more at each meal.

3.You must learn to BE/REMAIN ACTIVE

Your activity must not be viewed as a chore. Instead, view at as a rite of passage that must be continued in order for you to maintain a level of optimal performance. Do not take your health for granted nor wait until outside influences force you to acquire a healthier lifestyle. Make your desired activity a staple of each day whether it is walking, running, participation in sporting events, or hitting the gym. Through research it has been determined that in order to maintain or adopt a healthier lifestyle your desired activity must be performed a minimum of four times a week at least thirty minutes per session. This activity must elicit sweating and slight difficulty of breathing. At Team Irving Fitness we push our clients outside of their comfort zones in order to create this change. Nothing happens, if you want to continue to remain comfortable. It is our comfort and our complacency that has led us to this path of unbelief.  You must continue to believe in yourself and your possibilities. Remember it’s easier to maintain rather than start over.

4.You must learn to STAY THE COURSE

I know change is difficult, but you owe it to yourself to see the finish line. This begins with setting adequate and realistic goals. You cannot be discouraged by others, including yourself, but most importantly you must maintain a positive outlook throughout your journey. Everyone’s journey is different and has its share difficult battles, but your testimony lies on the other side of every battle. It’s about the push and pushing through even when you think you have nothing left.  Your courage each day gives those around you inspiration to fight and know that anything is possible.

You must have personal accountability remembering to weigh in once a week and perform body measurements once a month. If you have a difficult time doing your own measurements use an article of clothing that you’re trying to fit into as your guideline and motivation to continue. Also you must remember to celebrate the small daily and weekly successes. It will be the small successes that will catapult you toward your larger goals.

            I truly believe that if you embrace these four simple tips, your fitness goals can be met faster than you realize. Positive energy always equals positive results! Nothing is easy, but everything isn’t impossible. I hope these Holiday tips assist you in fighting the bulge this year and many more seasons to come.