Team Irving Fitness presents Kids Kamp one of our first Non-Profit initiatives inspired by the mounting epidemic of severe childhood preventable illnesses.  Considering the continued growth of type II diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, and obesity among our children, Team Irving Fitness is dedicated to proving the health of our youth. Team Irving Fitness combines our expertise in fitness, healthy nutritional choices and guidance, while delivering educational fitness facts to provide a wealth of knowledge and application.

The focus of each class is the educational knowledge of the human body and its processes. Team Irving Fitness delivers educational information in small doses not to overwhelm the children, but to allow them to retain the information provided. We utilize games, oral quizzes, and open discussions to engage the children in health and fitness information.

Throughout the program these amazing children will be introduced to several fitness modalities: strength and muscular endurance, cardio and respiratory endurance, balance and coordination, flexibility, speed, stamina, and agility. Through demonstrations, practice, and fun games, each child will learn and become versed in calisthenics. We firmly believe that early exposure to these activities decreases the chances of these prevalent childhood illnesses.

Furthermore, activity alone is not the answer that is why Team Irving Fitness also provides and introduces our children to healthy food combinations such as pears, cranberries, almonds, pretzels, and kale chips. We continue to believe that nutritional education and guidance is the key to the lasting effects of adopting a healthier lifestyle. We also believe that premature exposure to new, exciting, and different nutritional choices will only enhance their ability in deciding future healthy food choices.

Placing these three foundational elements of education, physical movement, and nutritional guidance together is a recipe for amazing results and long term success. During our program our children have also shown increases in body awareness, confidence, self-esteem, team building, and leadership. Over the next several years, Team Irving Fitness will continue to engage and inform our community and the nation of how to better serve our children and stop their preventable illnesses.

By participating in this program your child will have increased:

  • Body Awareness & Flexibility
  • Confidence & Self-esteem
  • Speed & Agility
  • Balance & Coordination
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Knowledge of  Healthy Lifestyles


Download your school’s form below: (PDF)