If you Google six pack you will come up with millions of hits all citing credible workouts or nutritional guidance. Even YouTube has jumped on the bandwagon with numerous workout or nutritional videos all proposing to shed fat around your midsection in order to expose rippling abs. However, with all the educational information out there regarding training and diet the REAL SECRET to rock hard abs is your daily commitment to training and nutrition.

Sorry to burst your bubble!

I definitely wish there was a quick solution to a six pack or even a flat stomach, because all my clients would be thrilled, considering a six pack is a highly sought after physical attribute.

The difference between those with a six pack and those without, is a matter of long-term commitment to success combining daily effort of training and conscious nutrition. If you are not dedicated to intense training that burns fat and builds muscle while sustaining a sound nutritional plan you will never see your abs. One without the other is not going to cut it!

At Team Irving Fitness we strive daily to educate our clients on this most requested physical change. However, we cannot make this commitment for you, such a level of commitment is something you have to find within yourself…”give 90 percent, 100 percent of the time”. This phrase allows individuals to succeed by not always thinking about failure. No one is 110 percent dedicated, 100 percent of the time.  I can provide you with the tools necessary to accomplish your abdominal goals with these six, six pack tips.


Nutrition is the most important factor when it comes to having visibly firm abs. Yes intense training helps build your abdominal wall making it thicker and stronger, but without a commitment to nutrition all your hard work will be in vain. Clients tell me all the time, “I’m working my butt off in here with you, but I can’t see my abs yet!” I always follow this up with, “how is your eating…” This is the part that is the most difficult to balance. Anyone can put in the work, but it’s about taking that next step mentally in eating effectively. If you desire a stronger core, you need to pay close attention to the food that you choose to consume. I’m not telling you to diet, but in order to lean out and see your abs you must lower your carbohydrate intake. This means cutting out processed foods (anything in the aisles of your grocery store). You should also consume at a minimum of 75 grams of protein daily only leaving fruits, vegetables, and hydration left. Also don’t hinder your transformation by consume pointless calories in the form of sports drinks or soda. Nutrition is all about finding a sustainable game plan that works for you. Without a sound plan, you are only setting yourself up for failure. EAT CONSICIOUSLY!


At Team Irving Fitness we pride ourselves in building our client’s physical base with compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, burpees, and push presses. Without a strong core these movements would not be possible. Compound movements incorporate a great deal of core stability. This allows individuals to receive awesome abdominal activation without doing a bunch of crunches.

This does not mean you don’t have to train your core. It does mean however, that if you train your body properly you will not have to dedicate endless hours doing abdominal exercises only to receive minimal results.

Another benefit of performing these movements is gaining an increase in metabolism, which helps you burn more fat and build that much needed muscularity in the process.


While on this fitness journey you must remember to burn more calories than you are consuming (leaning out) or burn the calories you consume (maintaining). Cardio must be an integral part into your training regimen. I always tell my clients to find some cardiovascular exercise that you enjoy and integrate it into your training plan. Whether you enjoy Zumba, Cycling, Sports (soccer), or running, always remember to do you. Having fun while burning calories is always a win, win.


I know this may seem weird, but stretching is very important to your overall fitness success. While many trainers note the concentric (shortening) movement as important, Team Irving Fitness believes that the eccentric (lengthening) movement is equally if not more important. Stretching your abs throughout the entire range of motion allows you to recruit more muscle fibers building a stronger abdominal wall. If you limit or restrict your range of motion you are only limiting your potential of success. I recommend you to find equipment or perform exercises with larger ranges that provide both the eccentric and concentric contractions. Examples: Glute/Ham Sit-ups, Knees to elbows, Toes to Bar raises.


“You just can’t go through the motions!” This journey is for the mentally tough; you have to maintain your vision and remain positive throughout this process. You must stay focused while training, knowing that each rep and each set is just as important as the next. Feel each contraction not allowing stronger muscles (hip flexors) to carry you through the movements. It’s about targeting your abs and focusing on the movement throughout the entire range of motion. I know this may take some time initially, but the more consciously you connect to exercises that you are performing the better your results.


If you have been performing the same ab/core exercises that you found on YouTube, read in a fitness magazine, or bookmarked on Pintrest with little to no results it’s time to change it up. You cannot continue the same repetitive behavior yet expect different results. Variability is key in any workout routine. Constantly change your core movements that challenge you in new ways. Also utilize equipment to boost the intensity of your training while increasing strength in selected planes of movement. You should never reach the plateau effect with this in mind. As your abs continue to develop increase the rep, set, or weight weekly keeping constant tension on your abdominal cavity.  At Team Irving Fitness variability is very important because it increases the efficacy of all workouts.

I hope these TEAM IRVING SIX PACK SECRETS help you succeed in your fitness journey!

If you need visual cues check out our Total Body Core Workout…