Team Irving Fitness is your nontraditional fitness experience! We are more than just reps, sets tanning, daycare, TV’s on cardio equipment, and the occasional hello when you walk into your traditional box gym. We embody what fitness is! Fitness is not a one dimensional platform, (squats or bench), but a continuum of health in addition to multiple modalities. Your life is not the same each day, so why should your training experience be? Team Irving Fitness brings out the best in all our participants because we all desire more for ourselves. Each training session gives us an opportunity to set personal records whether it is cardiovascular endurance, speed increased, strength gains, increasing flexibility, or correcting and perfecting specific movements.

Team Irving Fitness believes everyone is an athlete! No, not what you traditionally think of when you think of an athlete, but in the sense that everyone has a specific profession that we all want to become great in. Whether you’re a Tiger Mom, Student, Teacher, or Firefighter we all want to perform our best each and every day because our circle is affected by our success. We are the ultimate TEAM!  Team Irving Fitness is a community of believers whose common goal is the enhancement of self.

Team Irving Fitness, “transforming individual lifestyles by effectively educating and motivating for optimal performance.” We educate our clients first by changing the way they view fitness; we do this by teaching proper lifting mechanics, introducing clients to other nutritional choices or substitutions, teaching how to combine movements into workout regimens, and so much more. Education is the key to the advancement of our health and fitness focus. Once we have established our educational base, then we apply our knowledge into movement. If you view each day as a learning opportunity both mentally and physically then you capture the essence of Team Irving Fitness. We commit ourselves daily to empowering and inspiring others for more…why not one more rep, one more set, one more lap, just one more? Team Irving Fitness is your support system because we know that everything can’t be accomplished individually. Allow Team Irving Fitness to become your fitness family because your smart device doesn’t count.   If you’re ready to change your life, JOIN THE TEAM TODAY!